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Working on Ezine. Many nice artist will participe! ( coming soon)

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SKYPE ID: sukisuika

sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010


hey handsome boy. Pitapitaboy.


Ohisashiburi (long time no see fuckers!)

My laptop was broken. But now is working again. Yeaaaah. So I can scan and use photoshop again. Be ready... ;)

I really want a light table. I NEED IT.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Back from London

Hello dear readers!
I have a new reader Miss Yu, welcome and enjoy this little space !!

Well I'm back from London... What a pity ( to have to retourn to ISpain) I restarted my japanese classes last friday as well... I forgot many things so Masako sensei almost kick my damn ass. She's a hardcore woman haha but we all love our Masakochan!

About this creppy drawing are just some clothing concept I did in animation class instead of doing animation class stuff. because you know what. ANIMATION CLASS SUCKS. TEACHER SUCKS. UNIVERSITY SUCKS.

And of course I don't care as long as they gimme my grant.

I want to make kinda fashion stuff right now. I am very obsessed with japanese fashion sites such a RIDSNAP. Just look at the party photos I mean. Why? I just want to burn my body and reborn as a pretty asian god. I'm a fucking monster hahaha Anyway I am planning about doing something for real. (me with a friend )

Well sorry about this post FULL OF OFFTOPIC.