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viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

what is love

baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more chun chun chun

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


Hi, how are you dear readers!

I been so busy those days... I feel a bit sick because I have allergy and my nose hurts, my eyes hurts and plus I feel really sleepy. I scanned some random sketch drawing to make a compilation ' little worlds' I will upload it someday in a pdf ^^ kinda crappy drawing like what I made when I am bored at class or things like that. Now I'm working on projects drawing again. Because past weeks I did nothing about this (I have works to do ;_;)
I want to make this in wood.

Hope you are fine all! Hug.

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Projector is here + Mori girl

Hi! My projector finally arrived! Image quality sucks a bit but I think is good enough for his purpose. Since it was so 'cheap' I couldn't ask for more.
I been thinking about school these days. And about life and stuff. So I decided I'm not gonna come back to Art History class. Because it makes me feel like shit. I will go to the exam and that's all.

Today i want to clean the house and I want to work hard later. I feel ok this way. Avoid thinking just work like the robot I am. Anyway I'm really happy these days I'm smiling like I was drugged, haha. Sunny days are best days, I love spring so much... When I became this bucolic?? oh god I want to be a mori girl mori girl! I hate Barcelona I want to drink vodka with bears.

*mori 森 is forest in japanese. Mori girl is a japanese fashion tendence about wearing cloths like if you were a pastor. It's cute.

(I will upload photos and drawing later) but now im gonna clean ^^

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

{ WC TALK! }

Hi! Today I want to introduce you a project I was working on these days. It's not what I use to do, but I like it anyway. It's for a subject called 'Ephimeral Interventions' It's about instalation and performance. So I made instalation project.

*All my life reading the message on the fucking bathroom, and now when I'm decided I don't know what the hell to put.

Project talks about public-private space throught the paintings on bathroom. Public bathroom (I take the example of university's ones) Are a public space but at the same time a really private and intime space, where also you are a anonimous (Beause anyone can see you there) So people express theirselves there... Is kinda cool. Some people talks about politics, other talks about relationships or personal problems or other talks about sexuality or draw a penis. Don't care at all. So I was talking about that. I made a fake bath and some rules (really open ones) and I put some Posca markers in a silver tray. I'm really evil sometimes. hahaha

Hope you like it althought is not drawing or something

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Say hi to Art History + PRINTZ

Uf... Yesterday I was like really angry and sad with myself cause I had a delay making a work for Art History and my teacher said I have to go to exam in september. I feel bad for her, and for me. But you know I think university should be kinda more flexible but It's true that I have no excuse. I did it bad. I really feel absorbed by some subjects and I don't care about others. For example I was so centred in my project, it took a lot of my time, So i forget about other things I had to do.

I really feel like I don't wanna be a student anymore. Next year is my last year but. It's been few years since I wanted to do my life outside school.

To print or not to print...

I always think about making prints. A lot of people do that and they have succeful selling. I like them cause they are more affordable than a paint or original. But I think: who the fuck gonna buy my crap. But, since my lack of money I think at least I should try. Some website makes prints for you and stuff. Cause I have no idea about printing. So... Maybe I will try to make some drawing and send them to this website, and hope they were accepted. A lot of self-promotion and weird people like me who likes weird art as I do.

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

do your best, but still not enough.

Hihi! I'm back! As I promised in last post I bring you some new drawing (not that new haha, but ok) I was really lazy and depressed last days like..I didn't care about anything you know. Kinda hopeless. I just wanted to hang my fucking useless self as Daul did. It's just I feel I'm not good enough, I'm not trying hard enough... I'm lazy as hell shit. I would spend whole life sitting in front of computer doing nothing but looking at japanese. Skipping classes, no social life, no boyfriend, no nothing. At least, since yesterday I am trying to face my responsabilities. I'm grown up as winnie the pooh.

pinku, make it hurt please
I made this like 100 years ago but... I kinda like it.. I used to work in a tattoo shop so, this is tattoo-alike (just a bit haaha)


drawing weird stuff on university's table, being bad feels so good. I'm such a rebel, you see.

Also, I was checking Mini miniature mouse website... I saw her work several times on the internet, but it's my first time entering in her webiste. She does really cute art! She's working like Murakami assistant now. I better go die in a fire. I feel happiness but also I feel envy because I never will have such a honour. I know from my inside. I will never do nothing relevant.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Projector, lazy, otsukarebitch

Hi! Long time no update? Hahaha I restarted classes this week (after fucking easter break ) So ok, what I been doing. I was thinking about buying a projector but they are like superexpensive (400 euros cheaper one) So I started looking 2nd hand stuff. Why I need a projector. Because it will make my life way easier. I want to paint huge things, So I make a drawing and then I sketch it in the huge support. But sometimes a picture looks nice in a paper but doesn't work in bigger stuff. And you lost time and material and money and feel depressed and want to throw yourself to wc.

So I want to use a projector to put the image I previously draw and copy it (hardworker yes) And I also want to make performance with jisatsu netto and make vj set. So it would be really usefull. I am thinking about buying dj usb crap. It's about 100 euros cheaper one. I told to myself If I approve all my subject I will selfgift it ! I feel like coming just thinking about... so cool!

are some art places in barcelona where 'weird musician' can apply for. Mostly arty stuff. like pi pi pi pi electronic music with projections haha If I can buy this stuff I will apply next year!

Bye bye! I promise next post with PICTURES


I win the projector on da mafaphukin ebay so. IM HAPPY. CAN I BE AN ARTIST NOW.

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

almost finished yes

Hi! tatatachan! This is how it is right now, It's not finished ( Boots are not painted and some details and outlines are not done yet...) but looks pretty much complete. It was a hard time because I was working on a coffe shop and I was tired.. but now I finished working (it was just for easter) from now to june I should work hard as hell if I want to approve everything...
I'll do my best!
this is my with my uniform, it's cute isnt it
*thank to my brother and my mother to let me use them as a guinea pig for the photo

jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

Video update

I hope you understand what I am saying I'm sorry but my english sucksss ;_; Ok gonna back to work !
updated post

So, As I expected I did't finish it haha, but I finish almost all the background and I added some outlines and details, so now I just have to finish the two characters and some lil details on the background. It seems like nothing but since this is so big it takes a lot of time to paint y-y