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jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

Video update

I hope you understand what I am saying I'm sorry but my english sucksss ;_; Ok gonna back to work !
updated post

So, As I expected I did't finish it haha, but I finish almost all the background and I added some outlines and details, so now I just have to finish the two characters and some lil details on the background. It seems like nothing but since this is so big it takes a lot of time to paint y-y

9 comentarios:

  1. hahahah This is the ODERRR WANNNN fuck spain hahaha

    yeah I almost finish bynow!!! O hope to finish it today or tomorrow morning!! thanks 4 comment

  2. AHH this is reallyreally neat! i love the colours you chose. *m*
    wish i could see it in person~ i'd want to take a photo with it. c':

  3. Yeah, your speech sucks..., but your pictures are very interesting :P

    Un abrazo, Marie

  4. god, i love accents! brazilian people speaking english aren't that fun...
    good luck finishign the panel.
    PS: i LOVE the rabbits so much! XD

  5. @kelly
    thanksss!! Oh I wish my blog reader will come to barcelona and try my weird art haha
    wat arrr yu talkin abaú hahaha gracias por pasarte gatico!
    fdots!! thank u very much ^_^ hahaha I look so weird talking in english maybe next time I will just use subtitles haha rabbit is cute, I like make something cute with a weird message before hahah like a poison candy!

  6. this is such a cool project . amazing and fun idea. and i love your accent. your english is fine you just sound so cute ahaha