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jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


Hi, how are you dear readers!

I been so busy those days... I feel a bit sick because I have allergy and my nose hurts, my eyes hurts and plus I feel really sleepy. I scanned some random sketch drawing to make a compilation ' little worlds' I will upload it someday in a pdf ^^ kinda crappy drawing like what I made when I am bored at class or things like that. Now I'm working on projects drawing again. Because past weeks I did nothing about this (I have works to do ;_;)
I want to make this in wood.

Hope you are fine all! Hug.

6 comentarios:

  1. you're the best!
    love forever for your drawings!!
    i want to have sex with your fuckin' genius mind!!!! raep raep raep

  2. i have to agree with the comments above (except the part about having sex with your drawings... well, maybe just with some of them...) XD

  3. @Mun
    Gracias bonita ^3^
    Aw, sweetie u are so kind to meeee Plz rape my faceeee violentyyy
    hahahahahahha thank you! maybe i will draw some naked people to satisfy the desires of my readers!

  4. you seriously rock the repetition.
    and you always have such a nice balance of soft and harsh lines/shading. ; u ;