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domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Projector, lazy, otsukarebitch

Hi! Long time no update? Hahaha I restarted classes this week (after fucking easter break ) So ok, what I been doing. I was thinking about buying a projector but they are like superexpensive (400 euros cheaper one) So I started looking 2nd hand stuff. Why I need a projector. Because it will make my life way easier. I want to paint huge things, So I make a drawing and then I sketch it in the huge support. But sometimes a picture looks nice in a paper but doesn't work in bigger stuff. And you lost time and material and money and feel depressed and want to throw yourself to wc.

So I want to use a projector to put the image I previously draw and copy it (hardworker yes) And I also want to make performance with jisatsu netto and make vj set. So it would be really usefull. I am thinking about buying dj usb crap. It's about 100 euros cheaper one. I told to myself If I approve all my subject I will selfgift it ! I feel like coming just thinking about... so cool!

are some art places in barcelona where 'weird musician' can apply for. Mostly arty stuff. like pi pi pi pi electronic music with projections haha If I can buy this stuff I will apply next year!

Bye bye! I promise next post with PICTURES


I win the projector on da mafaphukin ebay so. IM HAPPY. CAN I BE AN ARTIST NOW.

4 comentarios:

  1. que envidia reyna, hagamos una revolución anti-conceptual. me niego a dejar de dibujar!

  2. !!!jealous~ having a projector would be so handy. and not just for art! i'm sure you can use it for a million other things as well! 8D

  3. you won a projector? wow, that's great. i would love to see a jisatsu netto video with crazy stuff being projected in the background XD

  4. @lovespitlove


    Yeah!!! I am so happy about this ^^ I want to make vj projection with my music band hahaha plz gimme alcohol and electronic music


    Hahahaha yes!!! Working on some coreographies... haha thanks 4 always comment and support me ;_;