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jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

do your best, but still not enough.

Hihi! I'm back! As I promised in last post I bring you some new drawing (not that new haha, but ok) I was really lazy and depressed last days like..I didn't care about anything you know. Kinda hopeless. I just wanted to hang my fucking useless self as Daul did. It's just I feel I'm not good enough, I'm not trying hard enough... I'm lazy as hell shit. I would spend whole life sitting in front of computer doing nothing but looking at japanese. Skipping classes, no social life, no boyfriend, no nothing. At least, since yesterday I am trying to face my responsabilities. I'm grown up as winnie the pooh.

pinku, make it hurt please
I made this like 100 years ago but... I kinda like it.. I used to work in a tattoo shop so, this is tattoo-alike (just a bit haaha)


drawing weird stuff on university's table, being bad feels so good. I'm such a rebel, you see.

Also, I was checking Mini miniature mouse website... I saw her work several times on the internet, but it's my first time entering in her webiste. She does really cute art! She's working like Murakami assistant now. I better go die in a fire. I feel happiness but also I feel envy because I never will have such a honour. I know from my inside. I will never do nothing relevant.

9 comentarios:

    igual es buenisima
    ~_~ pero honestamente tu trabajo me gusta mas! por muuuuuuuuuuuuuucho

    y siempre me ha gustado XD desde antes te stalkeaba aunque no te hablara, CREEPY MUCH?

  2. HAHAHAHAH CREEPY MUUUCHHH, mira yo tengo una carpeta que se llama 'Marisol' llena de fotos tuyas que fui GUARDANDO de todos tus blogs etc SCARY MUCH! So I heard u liek to eat ma taco.

    Pues tía, a mi me gusta mucho lo k hace esa chica pero... no sé, creo k he visto a ilustradores más buenos también...Es todo como una cuestión de estar en el lugar adecuado en el momento preciso.. KINDA SUCKZ... Y yo... estoy aun a años luz de todo eso pero... ganbarimasu ^^

  3. HaHAHA! I laugh at you for that last sentence! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. Marieee me encanta tu dibujo que parece a un tatu ;0; cuando sepa que tatu quiero voy a pagarte para diseñarmelo fuaaaak

  5. if it makes you feel better... i probably have such a different life compared to yours. i live in a city far from averything, so god damn far from the rest of my own country, stuck in the middle of the amazon forest (but no, i don't live like tarzan of shit like that, it's actually a city with streets and buildings and smoke and malls and junk food).... and yet i really like your art, it looks so familiar to me. i guess it proves you're kinda relevant.

  6. @Silvel
    If u meet me in 'person' u will be surprised how fool I am XD

    @ Noncsika

    Jajajaja Claro !!! dick eatah estaria bien tia XD


    Ow, thanks! You know I kinda feel the same... For example with japanese art, I mean Spain and Japan is like black and white, nothing in common but I still understand (in my way I suppose) and feel really close with their productions! I really liek when u comment me it makes me feel a bit more secure... thanks 4 your support!!

  7. i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it. i think it's worth to support artists like you somehow.

  8. ahh i really hope you get out of your slump. feeling like that is the most frustrating thing because it feels like there's nothing that can be done? but honestly i think your work is absolutely stunning. i say ignore that feeling you have about never doing anything relevant (because you have and you will!!!), and do what you looooove, because i really do believe something great will come out of that. c:

    i love seeing stuff people draw on university property haha~ in class, even my professors will draw on the walls. but even so i'm still too much of a chicken to do the same. :'D