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Working on Ezine. Many nice artist will participe! ( coming soon)

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jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009



Just another silly shit. I don't like it so much but but I waste a lot of paint so €€€ and wood. ;_;
Today I bought watercolour paper A3 mmm so happy gonna try it right now! *_*

miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009


hello orly orly i liek 4chaning

Wondering about making eyebrows or not making eyebrows.

Almost done ! I have to repaint the golden/silver part
Tomorrow tomorrow

martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

wild internet

Working on FROM SPACE

current desktop, hakama ikkemen FTW

Star Dust

I been doing this shit, but I don't like it : ((( I can't understand wood. Kinda spanish satanic folk woman

So happy! Golden and Silver acrylic yes yes !!

Hahaha I really bought them, I'm like a child.

Ugly closeup. Pffff... i don't know if I'm gonna finish this piece of shit. I think is better for me to stick paper on wood, than paint on wood. It looks so weird and terrible. Chinese ink filtrates on wood. It mix with white and it mess up all. Brrrr so pissedddddd. and and Colour looks like shit, the white like... like grey trash Don't know how to explain.

domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Crap! 0.2

I HATE MYSELF Its been like 2320390213 days doing nothing except eating and sleeping, sleeping eating (and internet). So today Finally I did something. Just a test made in 30 minutes but ok ok just trying. I ever liked wood. But I am bad at wood. So I paste paper on wood. This is the lazy crap I am. I don't havy proper paper so tomorrow I will buy some U_U As you can see the paper gets fucked when I put paint on it cause it's normal fucking paper. I want to buy golden paper too, and glitter!!! golden and silver glitter!!! I'm so obssessseeed with golden and black and silver and black and inverted cross and satanic stuff.

my rabbit Egon.

viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2009

Jisatsu Neto - Music Project

Omg I made a music band with a friend (Makoto) So excited. It's just for fun obviously cause I can't really make proper music since I don't have any knowledge or musical talent haha But it's ok.. I use nitrotracker DS hombrew, free and nice ! Try it! Ok, I make the music and Mako sings, but I hope in the future she can make songs too hahaha MORE PRODUCTIVE! Yesterday night I made a proto web found this cute redirection very very nice!! I want to make a performance wearing the official outfit 'yukata no uchuu' Yukata from space haha yes yes!!!

lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Crap! 0.1

Toooo lazy to scan. There are some sketches I made but they look like shit so. I want to make something nice for the expo but I cant, please cut off my hands and my head and put in a right onessss

domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009


Ok I made this shit while waiting for the train way back home. One day I recived a mail. It was sended by a girl of my faculty (arts yes fuck) So it says its an open time to send proposals to a person who was organising a expo on the faculty of philosophy (Barcelona) haha lol. So i'm not kind of confident about my work since they are jsut creppy draws and stuff but. I sended them cause it was like 1 a.m and I didn't care so much. SO WHAT.
They say: OK. So sososo I'm like 230423902 times excited. I know is just a shitty expo on a shitty place but for me is like fucking tate or something I'm so happy truly happy! haha
Now I have to work hard to finish some drawing yes yes I want to make something like eternity, space, internet, people floating in no background, god, lain, yoshitoshi abe, suehiro maruo, japangg, spaiiin, europeee all all all for me haha

What a project is

My 'process of arts' teacher tell us about to do something explaining the process of our work. I wonder she asks about a 'artist diary' or a photos or something. Instead of that I made this shit.