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martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Star Dust

I been doing this shit, but I don't like it : ((( I can't understand wood. Kinda spanish satanic folk woman

So happy! Golden and Silver acrylic yes yes !!

Hahaha I really bought them, I'm like a child.

Ugly closeup. Pffff... i don't know if I'm gonna finish this piece of shit. I think is better for me to stick paper on wood, than paint on wood. It looks so weird and terrible. Chinese ink filtrates on wood. It mix with white and it mess up all. Brrrr so pissedddddd. and and Colour looks like shit, the white like... like grey trash Don't know how to explain.

2 comentarios:

  1. incredible marie!!
    i love your stuff, your experiments and your creative caos!! you make me want to paint too!
    gold and silver wins <3

    señorita saloppetta

  2. ;-; llena de chispitas y estrellas como una virgencita <3<3<3<3