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martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Wood Wood Wood sunny day but working on wood

Hi Hi! Thanks for those who comment my 'my mouth feels like hell post' I'm better now (kinda drugged cause I take a lot of pills haha) So, since yesterday I been working (finally!) on the wood panels. I have to do 2 different things. A visual narration (wich I don't even started...) and a little instalation (photo stuff)

fuck this shit ok?

As you can see the style is kinda different of my drawing, more like child stuff, and painted with pastel tones etc. I wanted to simulate this panels you can find in for example, commercial center on xmas. They show you a character (in xmas it tends to be Santa) and you put behind and then you pretend to be this character.
So I used a lot of cliche from popular culture (specially fairy tales in this one) of what romantic love should be, including roles (strong prince, unhappy princess ) and a lot of simbols (snake in other panel, bird, roses, apple etc) So I want people to put behind and take photos of them. As you can figure this is kinda huge (taller than me) so it takes a time to paint... I want to base my work on the sentence of jenny holzer 'Romanticism was created to manipulate woman' and well some personal experience as well (I will upload the pdf with memory in june) So... I hope you like it..
My face is normal again, sunny day yay!

working table

I took it yesterday and I looked like shit so I put on a mask XD

I'm sorry about this bad explanation but my english is not that good... bye bye!!

sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

my cheektooth surgery and hell

Ok just another horrible and boring offtopic :P Yesterday I had a surgery to remove one of my cheektooth... Surgery was pretty quick and nice buttt.... Since yesterday night it hurts like hell, and my face looks deformed T_T I need to work on wood panels but I feel kinda bad and I can't eat u_u just liquid stuff, yesterday I was so starving at night and I tried to eat solid stuff and I can't it hurted so much at chewing... By the way today the weather is so pretty so I am so pissed of staying in bed like a corpse...

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

春 haru, spring, primavera + shit

Easter is coming finally! I have like 3249934034832 things to do. Last weekend I bought a lot of wood panels to paint on them (for project subject, plus mural painting...) sure a lot of work... がんばります!I'm feeling kinda happy these days cause spring had come and weather turned warm and perfect aw... I hope depressive-winter-self go die forever. So, here I just talk about my drawing but I have to read 3 books for art history and make works for other subjects... haha

open windows at night is best thing ever.

drawing ^^ working on haha

I went to see Contemporany Mural exhibition on Fundació Miró, Barcelona yesterday, it was so cool! I never been in fundació Miró before. I went walking from plaza España, It's a really pretty walk!

sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

自殺ネット(Net suicide) Denpa fantasy new vid

Hihi today was a hard day, so I made this video to relax, and now I have to go back to work on my project. Glitch lain!


I upload two videos on youtube of me working ^_^

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

custom headphones

Two days ago my headphones died. So today I went to buy new ones. cheap way ofcourse..
So I liked them cause you can custom them. So I printed some photos I like and tried to fit them on the headphones.. So cool! I'm so happy : D I made one with tokyo jihen and shiina ringo logo (the eye from expo 08 pack) and jisatsu netto one too hahaha spaming all way long!
new ones... I don't like white but u_u
shiina ringo, and tokyo jihen YES

I'm bad at cuting haha

tokyo jihen
shiina sama
microwave I am human afterall


martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Happiest (warning lot of pictures)

Awww long time no update! (drawing) So here I go! You know these days I was so anxious about my final project ( I can't even sleep properly) , cause I was making drawing and I was afraid teacher doesn't accept them (cause teachers are kinda beware about drawing and usually don't accept anything you can relate to illustration) But she does! I will try work on wood and mural (huge huge huge!) making a visual narration! Yes! Now I just want to start making this!I could die from this happines

this joke isn't funny anymore

romantic double
trying to make a narration but it's difficult

I made this orange gir weeks ago but I didn't scann it until now haha

I made orange girl from yosano akiko's poems ( It has no sense I know)
Unfinished, korg boy
I am crazy about kaleidoscope effect lately hahaha

bye bye!!!!!!

martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Bye Bye Tokyo, my unknown lover

I was just checking HANGAR (center of artist production) website and seeing there are application to study abroad in Tokyo at Tokyo Wonder Site. With 4000euro GRANT.

I just want to cry and die forever BECAUSE I can't apply! Next course is my last year of degree and I need to finish then cause Fucking Bolonia plan is going on FUCK EUROPE EAT SHIT.

I have to wait to next year. Althought I don't think I could be selected for such things. But I will sell my soul for this is MY FUCKING DREAM. MY FUCKING DREAM I AM SO ANGRY. Gonna sleep forever this night. and cry outloud to make sure all this fucking rotten country listens how bolonia sounds.

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Jisatsu Netto, making off clip

Today is snowing in Barcelona. I make this video. Is super creepy. I want to make a videoclip dancing for jisatsu netto! And scann some drawing. But school is hell.

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

This is turning so minimal

YES, cause now I'm making my website (Finally) And Im going to add the blog there. And old style didn't match at all. Uf I skipped class. I didn't shower. I didn't go to buy food. AND I didn't make laundry. I feel I'm nothing. Pic from the web rightnow. I like simple

Class drawing

Some drawing I made yesterday in class. So bored. I hate school.

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

I do cute stuff sometimes 2 (SCANNER TIME)

What I did this weekend. Walking with my dog in the beach and painted this while smoking and drinking orange juice and listening to new Tokyo Jihen album and chiptunes. I have a lot of things to do from school. But, in the end what I did? Cause my brain feels so wild. So free. It fucks school away and just care to paint and walk with dogs.

summer summer I want to eat watermelon and drink iced tea and have cold water showers I want summer back.

She is Masako sensei my japanese teacher she is kinda evil. but I like her.
Eating cats

thanks for the food
fishes mmm

bunch of shit and bad japanese

what I expect from life

Have a nice day