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martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Happiest (warning lot of pictures)

Awww long time no update! (drawing) So here I go! You know these days I was so anxious about my final project ( I can't even sleep properly) , cause I was making drawing and I was afraid teacher doesn't accept them (cause teachers are kinda beware about drawing and usually don't accept anything you can relate to illustration) But she does! I will try work on wood and mural (huge huge huge!) making a visual narration! Yes! Now I just want to start making this!I could die from this happines

this joke isn't funny anymore

romantic double
trying to make a narration but it's difficult

I made this orange gir weeks ago but I didn't scann it until now haha

I made orange girl from yosano akiko's poems ( It has no sense I know)
Unfinished, korg boy
I am crazy about kaleidoscope effect lately hahaha

bye bye!!!!!!

8 comentarios:

  1. Love all Marie!
    ya te mostraré algo que he ido haciendo estos días.

  2. congratulations. it sucks when teachers don't allow students to be creative in their own terms (especially when it comes to art!), so i am happy for you.

  3. Un Pamplemousse Garçon!!!
    Un Niño Pera!!!
    An Oldie Banana!!!

  4. @mun
    Gracias!!! A ver si subes algo ne :p
    Yes!! Thanks!! I was so afraid cause another boy tell her about a project (he wanted to make illustration formalitation) And she said no. So I was surprised when things turned this happy way :)
    Hhahaha yees I was making painting of them! But I have no time with classes now, maybe in the next 2 months!
    hahahaha Oldie banana? are u trying to tell me something? Me alegro de que te pases por aquí, :*

  5. i'm so happy to see new post! you missed so much!!!
    your drawings always make me feel better (and depressed at the same time because you're too talented) ! loooove youuuuu <3 <3 <3

  6. @missalopette
    thank you very muuch i hope to upload more stuff soon! ^^

  7. your drawings are really inspirational. :'> you do the kaleidoscope effect so well!!!
    can't wait to see what you're doing for the mural!