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miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

春 haru, spring, primavera + shit

Easter is coming finally! I have like 3249934034832 things to do. Last weekend I bought a lot of wood panels to paint on them (for project subject, plus mural painting...) sure a lot of work... がんばります!I'm feeling kinda happy these days cause spring had come and weather turned warm and perfect aw... I hope depressive-winter-self go die forever. So, here I just talk about my drawing but I have to read 3 books for art history and make works for other subjects... haha

open windows at night is best thing ever.

drawing ^^ working on haha

I went to see Contemporany Mural exhibition on Fundació Miró, Barcelona yesterday, it was so cool! I never been in fundació Miró before. I went walking from plaza España, It's a really pretty walk!

2 comentarios:

  1. it is so funny to read about you happy with open windows, because i live in a way-too-hot city and it is so common to melt in here.

    and god, i'm so envious because you can go to such cool places. i'd love to visit spain someday, although our tv news only show how every single brazilian female is treated like illegal immigrant prostitutes in spain… anyway, visiting interesting places are worth it, I guess…

  2. @fdots
    Haha here is so hot in summer but this spring is kinda perfect! I hope weather stay like this forever!

    I hope you can visit spain someday! Why tv say such things!? I'm really shoked about manipulation of the media O_O All spanish are racist orcs who eat children. I'm so pissed of this shit u_u