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martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Wood Wood Wood sunny day but working on wood

Hi Hi! Thanks for those who comment my 'my mouth feels like hell post' I'm better now (kinda drugged cause I take a lot of pills haha) So, since yesterday I been working (finally!) on the wood panels. I have to do 2 different things. A visual narration (wich I don't even started...) and a little instalation (photo stuff)

fuck this shit ok?

As you can see the style is kinda different of my drawing, more like child stuff, and painted with pastel tones etc. I wanted to simulate this panels you can find in for example, commercial center on xmas. They show you a character (in xmas it tends to be Santa) and you put behind and then you pretend to be this character.
So I used a lot of cliche from popular culture (specially fairy tales in this one) of what romantic love should be, including roles (strong prince, unhappy princess ) and a lot of simbols (snake in other panel, bird, roses, apple etc) So I want people to put behind and take photos of them. As you can figure this is kinda huge (taller than me) so it takes a time to paint... I want to base my work on the sentence of jenny holzer 'Romanticism was created to manipulate woman' and well some personal experience as well (I will upload the pdf with memory in june) So... I hope you like it..
My face is normal again, sunny day yay!

working table

I took it yesterday and I looked like shit so I put on a mask XD

I'm sorry about this bad explanation but my english is not that good... bye bye!!

4 comentarios:

  1. i'm happy you feel better!!
    and your project are so creative i envy youuuuu ;_;
    you're such a cutie in those photos!

  2. @salopetta
    thanksss ^^ ehhh I'm not that creative hahaha some classmates projects are supercool! I feel like idiot making this haha


    I'm gonna work like crazy right now! Ganbarimasu fuckeeeerrsss hahaha

  3. when you said "huge", i really didn't figured it out how big it was until i saw a pic of the panel. but hey, it's very cool! as you said, it looks very commercial at first, but when one reads "fuck this shit" it's totally ironic and weird. i like it.