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jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

custom headphones

Two days ago my headphones died. So today I went to buy new ones. cheap way ofcourse..
So I liked them cause you can custom them. So I printed some photos I like and tried to fit them on the headphones.. So cool! I'm so happy : D I made one with tokyo jihen and shiina ringo logo (the eye from expo 08 pack) and jisatsu netto one too hahaha spaming all way long!
new ones... I don't like white but u_u
shiina ringo, and tokyo jihen YES

I'm bad at cuting haha

tokyo jihen
shiina sama
microwave I am human afterall


5 comentarios:

  1. what a great idea! it's so simple, but i would never think of it. it makes me wanna buy new headphones too (but then i remember i hate to use them) XD

  2. cooool! they look very well done. i had the same sony headphones.. they crapped out very quickly and wouldn't play out the left side ughh! the neew ones are so pretty
    i like your art work too btw

  3. yeaaa!! good idea!!! i need giant headphones too!

  4. @fdots
    ooh you hate headphones?? I can't live without theeem!! thanks 4 comment
    aww thank u for comment!!
    yeeeahhh they are the best, I hate listening background sond while listening to music! u.u

  5. ahhh that's really neat!!! i love the designs you're using for them!

    i accidentally broke my headphones when i vacuumed up the cord OTL i think i'll have to save up for these!! :3