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martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Bye Bye Tokyo, my unknown lover

I was just checking HANGAR (center of artist production) website and seeing there are application to study abroad in Tokyo at Tokyo Wonder Site. With 4000euro GRANT.

I just want to cry and die forever BECAUSE I can't apply! Next course is my last year of degree and I need to finish then cause Fucking Bolonia plan is going on FUCK EUROPE EAT SHIT.

I have to wait to next year. Althought I don't think I could be selected for such things. But I will sell my soul for this is MY FUCKING DREAM. MY FUCKING DREAM I AM SO ANGRY. Gonna sleep forever this night. and cry outloud to make sure all this fucking rotten country listens how bolonia sounds.

8 comentarios:

  1. At least you have the possibility and the perspective to go to Japan one day. I live in such a distant city in Brazil. Most students here don’t even consider the hypothesis of studying abroad, only if they’re rich, and well, let’s face it, if you’re rich, you can do whatever you want (or almost)…
    Good luck next year!

  2. i'm so sorry ;_;
    i know, you feel angry now, but don't worry it's only a postponed dream, you're too talented, i'm sure there will be many others better opportunity to get involved in future. Japan calls marie!!! <333 always.

  3. @fdots
    Thank you for comment! Here in Barcelona, inside Univeristy there are a lot of chances to go study abroad, but not to Japan (there are more chances if you study technologic related stuff, business or 'studies of asia' but not art u_u). So, when I found this I was like crying of joy, and then when I saw I can't apply I was super angry! But I today I'm more calm hahaha and I really wish to apply next year! I hope you can find a chance like me !! I don't care if I am poor I will suck state blood forever!

    Thanks Salopetta :p I hope you will enjoy your stay in Japan for both of us!!! I will be waiting to hear news!

  4. ahhh que pena niña :( pero todavía puedes ir, solo que no lo puedes hacer ahora! One day you'll go to Japan and make your dream come true!

  5. google translator was good enough for me to understand your comment (I’m getting embarrassed for not speaking Spanish, it looks like Portuguese so much!). =)
    the theme of the project you’ve mentioned reminded me of an anthony giddens book called The Transformation of Intimacy. he wrote that romantic love was a source of freedom for women at the beginning, because it made possible for them to choose their partners. But nowadays, I agree with that sentence about manipulation… I mean, why should we all “wait” for a stupid prince charming and stuff like that?

  6. Te digo para no desistir.
    No lo sabía que era tan caro y dificil estudiar arte aquí en Japón (vivo en Nagoya).
    Pero sé que un día vendrá a Japón para estudiar su arte. Ha usted intentado ingresar a la Universidad de Kyoto? Me dijeron que es más fácil de ingresar.
    Deseo a usted mucha buena suerte.

    (Llegué a su sitio por indicación de Fdots)

  7. @fdots
    Yesss spanish and portuguese are similar (like italian or french, yah) I would like to learn but I think learning japanese now is enough u_u
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario! No creo que pueda ingresar en una universidad japonesa porque no tengo dinero, pero intentaré hacer intercambios como el de Hangar, a ver si hay suerte!