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sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

2 euro frames

Hi Hi! This morning I went to Fucking Ikea and I bought frames to put my drawings properly. They look better hahaha.

This is Daul Kim, almost finish I have to change the black lines like dead person lines fuck.

Close up, omg you were so beautiful and clever, why you died? I'm so angry.

Omen boy, omg my fav.

close up. I want him to be my boyfriend forever

So, Ok, gonna keep working -.- so much work. I want to go out tonight and get really drunk and forget about this shit.


Oh, asians, oh purfect race

my soul is running away
my life

my alien boyfriend

say hi to eternity

They look nice on frames. I realize that I would make it better. I feel sad cause they are so creppy. I wanted to make something better. But I can't be patient with work. Just make them so quick. Sad about how I am. Son Im disappointed.

viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Say hi to Daul Kim

Hi hi, I want to introduce her to yours, dear readers (I know most of you know who she was but ok)
She was a south korean model. So one day she commited suicide. I didn't even know who she was, so it was like I don't care. But then I read her blog. I mean 3 years of her life. All. So I feel like supersad for few days cause she looked like amazing person, she called herself 'DAULMONSTER' liked nice music, bizarre and gore and Bserie movies, and all this stuff. But all over this she write really nice things, sad but not crappy emobullshit. Just plain things. I don't know how to explain properly how amazed and at the same time deeply depressed I feel about it. It could be me.

looks deformed cause webcam

So I decided make a tribute to her at my expo. I translated eight texts of her to spanish, cause spaniards are fucking idiotic about english, maybe my english is bad but I assure you most of people don't know even to say hello. Sad. And now I'm trying to finish her portrait. I want to place her corner like this:

I'm the queen of MSpaint you see.

lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Solanin VS sorry

Hi ... I been doing nothing these days... Just watching japanese movies, taiga drama, reading and studying japanese like crazy. I almost master katakana properly... just few hours more : ) I want to start with kanji soon! I feel excited about this ^_^

Today something great happened, two weeks ago I bought Solanin (manga by Inio Asano) and today just arrived. I'm really happy. I loved so much this manga *_*

I been drawing but just really ugly stuff, cause I want to do a comic but it's so hard u_u I ever wanted to make a manga, it's pretty weird since it was like 20393248930248 years since I quit drawing manga but,,, I just feel like I want to do this before I die. : /

Promise next update will have lot of drawing and no more talking shit!

martes, 19 de enero de 2010

working day

hihi I love u alien

alien sex is cute!! Not finished

this last one looks horrible in the photos but I assure you is super cute XD

zoom it zoom it

Not need to read this shit

I'm just checking the website of Aleksandra Kopff, and I really like her drawing º¬º I don't use to post other artist works cause I saw a lot of really nice things almost everyday and this blog will become a chaos hahaha but I'm talking about her art cause I read an interview she did for a newspaper and she talks about 'comic and illustration' this 'minor art'. And It was like YES I'M A PARIA OF ART.

So, traditionally comic and illustration wasn't cosindered as art, or at least, not as level of other things. But Ok, I mean, painting is kinda dead according to my teachers like fuck this is from 2'023042304 ages ago, but, I feel like, there are a lot of people who still love painting and stuff, me included. So I like many differents things, you know, like videoart, or performance or weird stuff anyone understand but is kinda funny and bright somehow, but I cant produce this kind of things, well I can, Cause I been prostituted my art so many times at school just claiming for an A but but outside faculty I'm not interested in produce this kind of stuff. I think this is why i feel I lost 4 years of my life doing NOTHING.
So the fact is you never will be considered an artist doing comic or illustration, I'm ok with it, cause I prefer be labeled as what really I am : drawer, illustrator, whatever. i don't need to be an artist to make me feel like important or highter than other people who make visual shit. But Aleksandra is pretty nice, cause she can make from the base of the comic something you can name as ART. Without fucking herself like I do. So I'm really amazed with her. I want to try to make something like this. Something mine and at the same time something arty. So whatever. I like her cause she loves Hideshi Hino!
I was thinking about my favourite comic artist. Maybe they are Maruo, cause I feel something I can't explain with him, and Daniel Clowes, cause life is as miserable as he draws. I think I have almost all the comics edited in spanish by those authors, I feel proud ahahha

lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Poster done!!

I made this poster for the upcoming art show. I'm really bad bad bad with design so ;_; I had to modificate a premade template with a lot of text so I erase most of it... I want to made some flyers by myself to promote the event hahaha

Please people from Barcelona or around comeeeeee
I will buy a lot of wine so we can drink togetherrrrr!!
I promise a good time!

domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Bussy shittt

Today I saw a photo of a boy who was like ufufufufu super handsome I can't explain with a really pure and calm beauty I feel like he was a poet or something so I put on him this crown hahaha Why are not this kind of perfect boys around me I am so angry with Spain
Hi Hi I'm currently making a promo poster for the art show. I have to send it tomorrow bububu but I forget my tablet in Barcelona (now Im in my hometown) in it fucksssss me deeplyy cause to morrow I will have to get up at like 7 for catch the fucking train and finish it quick anddd send ittt. FML

I made a supercreppy draw while listening to music. It looks like Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. I liked so much Evangelion when I was a kid :_) and now so hahaha.

Golpes bajos - no mires a los ojos de la gente

I really like this song the lyrics are so cuteee

sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

I take photos sometimes

yes yes listening to you pleases me, keep talking

jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Expo is coming

Sorry sorry for lazy updates! But I had to finish some school stupid works so, now I am freeee. Tomorrow I will scan some new shit : ) I been reading murakami like crazy this days... I just started Tokyo Blues and I love it a lot... I bought some Herman Hesse books, I already read Sidharta and Stepenwolf (sorry misspelling) and now I bought Demian and stepenwolf in spanish, cause I read it in catalan... I bought Nietzche book too, you know I really hate him, I don't know why but I just hate him so much, So in order to speak bad about something you have to know before right? So I'm gonna read his fucking shitty book!!!! DIEEEEEE. I prefer novels to philosophical shit cause I get tired about the way the philosophers write, like, I don't know, Im a genius I use super complicated words and stuff, go die fuckers hahaha.
I'm preparing things for the expo too... selecting works and stuff... I'm worried I don't like what I done... I feel unsecure... sorry for this shit....
I saw une femme est une femme (61) too. And Spawn on tv... hahaha so creppy I fell sleep... ahahah

domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

Just a little bit more...

This is a chaman (vikingindian hahaha) It looks really weeeird !!! It's for the expo I want to put floating heads like virgin heads and chaman heads! god is looking at YOUUU
And a sinner virgin. I know it looks like fucking shit but my scanner is the worst rubbish on the earth!! I can't scan watercolour or delicate works cause looks bad!!! BUUUU

I also made a comic, I called it 'Maria no sekai' the world of Maria, and sadly is based on real life and real conversations hahaha you can clic on it to see it better and bigger!!

bye bye
have a lovely day motherfuckers!

viernes, 8 de enero de 2010


I made this meme for pivix 'Kaban no nakamiha' What's in your bag? hahaha
Just for fuuun

jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Alien boyfriend

I made this at the train. I been sick for a couple days. So I couldn't draw so much. FUCK

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


I want to write my wishlist for 2010:

-Get a cool job
-Draw a lot and have Art shows.
-Come back to London
-Improve my japanese.
-Lose weight T_T to be able to have 'separated legs'
-Buy nice clothes and accesories and shoes and cute stuff. (Look how deep my soul is.)
-Make a music performance with Mako
-Find a japanese lover.
-See movies and read books/comics I have to (Waiting in my hard disk forever)
-Meet new and cool people.
-Feel happy or at least not unhappy. (Avoid 'hardestrogen moments' like I'm ugly and fat and disgusting and I will be better dead etc)

So more or less. This is what I want.


- Nobody Knows (Yoshitomo Nara)
-Drop Dead Cute ( new generation of woman artist in Japan)
-The suicide of love (Daisuke Ichiba) MY FAV FOREVER
-16 Aya Takano postcards!!! ♥


Hmpfff.... look at this rotten shit. I'm so angry because I'm in Barcelona and I left my paints and arty stuff at my hometown. I can't even smoke there. I feel like grrgrgrgrgrgr bad bad bad
Plus internet works like shit there. And this pc dont have audio!! I want my scanner my room my paints my tabaco. fuck all now. Im starting to become crazy with Daul Kim again. It's bad for me. But I don't want to forget at all.

I leave there a song I really like. from Jun Togawa. I love her so much. She made a lot of my days.

Jun Togawa - teinen pushiganga

viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

Happy 2010

This is what I been doing on new year eve... drawing... such and antisocial motherfucker I am hahaha. But but... I enjoyed It a lot : ) drawing and listening Mogwai

Sorry webcam crappy photos. Ok happy new year and all bla bla

Mogwai - A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters