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lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Solanin VS sorry

Hi ... I been doing nothing these days... Just watching japanese movies, taiga drama, reading and studying japanese like crazy. I almost master katakana properly... just few hours more : ) I want to start with kanji soon! I feel excited about this ^_^

Today something great happened, two weeks ago I bought Solanin (manga by Inio Asano) and today just arrived. I'm really happy. I loved so much this manga *_*

I been drawing but just really ugly stuff, cause I want to do a comic but it's so hard u_u I ever wanted to make a manga, it's pretty weird since it was like 20393248930248 years since I quit drawing manga but,,, I just feel like I want to do this before I die. : /

Promise next update will have lot of drawing and no more talking shit!

4 comentarios:

  1. It's the same for me.
    But i will do a comic or a shitty "vertical strip" [i don't even know the right name] by thousand years.
    I think it's a strange desire to tell something..can't wait your stuff *_*

  2. @swandildo
    hahahha anousssssss XD
    You mean 4koma style? like vertical (scroll down) manga... The other day I read one manhwa (I dont knowhow to write) korean manga ok XD which was amazing hilarius (it was published online and it has 4koma style but really free kind XD Yeah (I was looking for it and I foundd itt)
    to read you have to scroll down and down and down...
    I hope to see something yoursssss someday

  3. AHHAH yes like this :D but i prefer the standard method for my "seriousandcreepyshit" XD
    That manhwa reminds me another free webcomic, maybe you know it already, it's clone manga.

    back to work work work :D and keep us updated about your expo!