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domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

Just a little bit more...

This is a chaman (vikingindian hahaha) It looks really weeeird !!! It's for the expo I want to put floating heads like virgin heads and chaman heads! god is looking at YOUUU
And a sinner virgin. I know it looks like fucking shit but my scanner is the worst rubbish on the earth!! I can't scan watercolour or delicate works cause looks bad!!! BUUUU

I also made a comic, I called it 'Maria no sekai' the world of Maria, and sadly is based on real life and real conversations hahaha you can clic on it to see it better and bigger!!

bye bye
have a lovely day motherfuckers!

2 comentarios:

  1. hahahah yumiko dios mio ;-; yo puedo ser ichiko y unirme a su clan si??

    marie cada dia dibujas mas precioso<3