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martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Not need to read this shit

I'm just checking the website of Aleksandra Kopff, and I really like her drawing º¬º I don't use to post other artist works cause I saw a lot of really nice things almost everyday and this blog will become a chaos hahaha but I'm talking about her art cause I read an interview she did for a newspaper and she talks about 'comic and illustration' this 'minor art'. And It was like YES I'M A PARIA OF ART.

So, traditionally comic and illustration wasn't cosindered as art, or at least, not as level of other things. But Ok, I mean, painting is kinda dead according to my teachers like fuck this is from 2'023042304 ages ago, but, I feel like, there are a lot of people who still love painting and stuff, me included. So I like many differents things, you know, like videoart, or performance or weird stuff anyone understand but is kinda funny and bright somehow, but I cant produce this kind of things, well I can, Cause I been prostituted my art so many times at school just claiming for an A but but outside faculty I'm not interested in produce this kind of stuff. I think this is why i feel I lost 4 years of my life doing NOTHING.
So the fact is you never will be considered an artist doing comic or illustration, I'm ok with it, cause I prefer be labeled as what really I am : drawer, illustrator, whatever. i don't need to be an artist to make me feel like important or highter than other people who make visual shit. But Aleksandra is pretty nice, cause she can make from the base of the comic something you can name as ART. Without fucking herself like I do. So I'm really amazed with her. I want to try to make something like this. Something mine and at the same time something arty. So whatever. I like her cause she loves Hideshi Hino!
I was thinking about my favourite comic artist. Maybe they are Maruo, cause I feel something I can't explain with him, and Daniel Clowes, cause life is as miserable as he draws. I think I have almost all the comics edited in spanish by those authors, I feel proud ahahha

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  1. ; - ; <3
    asi que es un arte menor ehhhhhh lo sabiaa
    pero que is todo lo que tu haces es arte de hoy y siempre!
    yo no conocia a Aleksandra Kopff :D es de lo mejor!!!! hahaha es de espa;a verdad? me encantaron esos de : 'otra vez estas fumando?'
    ese arte con el que sonries y sientes identificacion inmediata..