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sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

2 euro frames

Hi Hi! This morning I went to Fucking Ikea and I bought frames to put my drawings properly. They look better hahaha.

This is Daul Kim, almost finish I have to change the black lines like dead person lines fuck.

Close up, omg you were so beautiful and clever, why you died? I'm so angry.

Omen boy, omg my fav.

close up. I want him to be my boyfriend forever

So, Ok, gonna keep working -.- so much work. I want to go out tonight and get really drunk and forget about this shit.


Oh, asians, oh purfect race

my soul is running away
my life

my alien boyfriend

say hi to eternity

They look nice on frames. I realize that I would make it better. I feel sad cause they are so creppy. I wanted to make something better. But I can't be patient with work. Just make them so quick. Sad about how I am. Son Im disappointed.

2 comentarios:

  1. all of these are so beautiful <3
    marie, you are so talented!!
    want to buy all!!!
    omg, daul!! i love the idea of the black lines!

  2. ;-; suerte ma;ana en la inauguracioooooon mi espirity y mi tercer ojo estaran presentes contigoooo