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lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


I want to write my wishlist for 2010:

-Get a cool job
-Draw a lot and have Art shows.
-Come back to London
-Improve my japanese.
-Lose weight T_T to be able to have 'separated legs'
-Buy nice clothes and accesories and shoes and cute stuff. (Look how deep my soul is.)
-Make a music performance with Mako
-Find a japanese lover.
-See movies and read books/comics I have to (Waiting in my hard disk forever)
-Meet new and cool people.
-Feel happy or at least not unhappy. (Avoid 'hardestrogen moments' like I'm ugly and fat and disgusting and I will be better dead etc)

So more or less. This is what I want.


- Nobody Knows (Yoshitomo Nara)
-Drop Dead Cute ( new generation of woman artist in Japan)
-The suicide of love (Daisuke Ichiba) MY FAV FOREVER
-16 Aya Takano postcards!!! ♥

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