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sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

I do cute stuff sometimes

Today I returned to my hometown and I was so bored cause the weather is shitty and I didn't know what to do. I started drawing cute stuff. And I painted it with my brother school paintings SO GROSS SO GREY. But in fact they are kinda sweet and cute haha


mandarin girl

mmm suika suika!

Webcam photos are the worst worst shit in the world I will try to scann on mondayy

viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Sorry sorry em em where I AM / OFFTOPIC

Oh fuck my life. I hate fridays. I have to wake up at fucking 6 cause I have art history at 8, and japanese at 11.30 and PROJECTS WORST SUBJECT EVER from 4 til 9 pm... Today I skipped projects cause I was so sleppy and I had to clean the house and stuff. Is nice living alone but its a fuckery to clean the house alone.

Yesterday a girl send me a message on facebook telling me she want to BUY some drawing or painting. I was so amazed. I never sell nothing before. ;_; Is like. dreamy. I can't explain.

Gonna... gonna gonna clean now... YES... I should scann some drawing, and post it art (secret project haha) so so what

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Paint with fingers madness

I started painting today. Fruit head. I was drawing fruit head people since I started reading Yosano Akiko book. I don't know why. I thought: They Look at the flowers I eat the fruit. Her poems are beautiful. But my paining not : ( So since I didnt like what I painted. I started painting with fingersss messing all. I feel so free haha. but the paint looks messy and bad. I want HUGE canvas. Cause I hate painting in such small ones.

I made some drawing too. One of them for a facebook friend. I will upload it later or tomorrow. I'm scanning photos now. To make my website. I feel lazy, cause I have collage things to do. I hate collage. I just want to draw and paint and fuck univeristy forever. I wish they burn in hell forever.

bye bye

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

webcam madness

I was bored so I took some webcam crappy photos.

One boy told me he imagine me blonde with blue eyes cause my nick is Marie and it sounds french hahahaha I'm sorry but I'm just average spanish girl with dark eyes and hair : (

Bearzzz are ztronggggheheh die!

My little doggy I love her so muuuch

bye bye sorry random crap ^o^

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

I love you, but you puke on me

So I closed all my internet stuff for 2 days or so . Cause I was really sad and really angry. But now I feel like ooooooo on a plain. So it's ok. back to my normal self. I'm tired of crying nosense. I'm tired of me. And of the internetz. But it's Ok. I wish I can make everything disappear. But I can't. I can't stand living here anymore. anymore. I'm sorry I write this depresive shit like, I have a black heart I cry oohhh everything is horrible, bohemian poopps. Is not like this but. I do get sad sometimes. I do get angry sometimes.


martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Jisatsu Netto - Pixel

Hi hi, few days ago I made a myspace for my 'music' band Jisatsu Netto. So I wanted to make some pixel stuff. But is looks really bad haha I'll try again.

She looks like Ichiko! ねえええ マコさん

I also recommend you to check music project by Sua and Ines. Two super talented person who I envy a lot! haha
and their visual works webs: Inechi and Sua.

ok bye bye fuckersss

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Hardestrogen crap

Ok I have to do this, I know is not related with my work and stuff. but but I need to puke it.
Since a week ago I'm feeling kinda depressed like crying around while listening to mogwai and IDM crap and My bloody valentine. I was checking photos of London from people who was still there and It makes me unhappy cause I have to be in Spain. I rather die than stay here more time. DIE. I can't stand it anymore. No interesting people around. Kinda shitty art places. Kinda shitty all. There are some things in this stupid city called Barcelona that I treasure for sure, but the bad things annoys me more than the nice things make me happy. If I If I . I don't even know If I be able to go to London this summer. I imagine myself working in the place I work every fucking summer and I see my suicide too. Can I do art, or comic, or friends, or orgy. Can I? It has to be in London, or at least not in Spain.

Please god of the internets save me.

I'm sorry. this thing is turning a way it were not supposed to be.

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Shiina Ringo ok cry ok moleskine ok bye

This is moleskine shit made in the tube or train etc. Edited with photoshop and stuff. I was listening to Shiina Ringo since 2 minutes ago. Watching the DVD. I like watching them alone in my room when it's all dark, cause I can imagine I am there next to Shiinasama. But. No I'm not. I cry sometimes when I listen her music cause some songs are really dramatic and all the dreamy jazzy instruments and her voice, and her expressions, the way she moves her body, is so beautiful. So I just cry of joy.

Spanish woman with traditional hat from cordoba.I imagine the meeting in the future. People from the planet of japanese, neosamurai, and then people from planet of spanish, neoflamenca hahahaha is love love.

Supein Supein.
We are all monsters from outspace.

I almost finished reading Demian by Herman Hesse. Is a really really good book. I love the way he explain deep things. Easy way. Not philosophical superclevermonkey way.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010


Hi hi I'm working in my website finally. So I want to upload everything. Like photos and stuff. But they are not scanned. I find a lot of shit photos, I decided to paint on them. It looks nice. And its funny. I'm not sure about what kind of illustration I should put . I feel really unsecure about this. I feel like they are ugly. But, Maybe I don't care anymore about what I think.

Like this

I also bought a psp memory card. So happy! I want to play psx games so badly.

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Draw humans like anatotmical book humans.

I'm thinking about quit drawing and stuff for a while. I think I need to improve my skills. Like in anatomy and flowers and I don't know this kind of things. Is not like I want to draw photographically or something, because is pretty boring to me to do that. But I want to know more about shapes. Sometimes I want to draw something and I can't. So. I should practice for a while. I feel like painting again, you know, when I started studing art I feel really excited about painting, because I mostly make drawings. So, when I realize how shitty the teachers were I feel really depressed and I don't wanted to paint anymore. Somehow I feel, when I am in art faculty, I feel like they are so stupid. Because depend on he teacher one thing is wrong or not. So things aren't like this, you know. I have my projects subjet with a teacher who is like omg conceptual art yes. So it's ok if you draw or paint but you have to write a fucking bible according to what you did. I mean. Is ok for me to have a project but, I'm not that deep. Or, not that clever. To make this things. So, maybe I am not an artist. I prefer not be an artist cause, they are so fool. About everything, like trying to overwhelm people and do complex things anybody likes and anybody understands Is somehow sad.

Sorry I really sometimes need to write this kind of things. Now then I smile and keep drawing my non art stuff.

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

All for this

All day painting for nothingggg fuuuu

Ok so ugly, working on. So pinky haha

Hello I am pretty

Extra for lovers

good night!

Jisatsu Netto - 001

Hi Hi! I just compiled some songs I made with Nitrotracker (NDS) I made a Maxi and I called it 001, so original my brain is melting hahaha. I uploaded it to megaupload, so you can download pressing in the image.


I'm not a musician, I have no musical studies or anything. I just made this cause is funny. And I wanto to share with people, because is part of my arty shitty work. But, don't expect like supercool music. Is just creppy chiptunes. If you like chiptunes and 8 bits stuff you may like it. It's not made for comercial purposes (obviously).


martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Kitchen floor is my studio

I feel like painting but. I can't. Cause I haven't got a proper space and I get really stressed. I paint in the kitchen and its so horrible. I wish I have money to rent some kind of place to paint and draw freely.

Oh baby space


Just sketch I want to finish my space girl back. She has one eye cause she is from other planet. Or maybe she has some genetic mistake or something. Don't really know cause don't really care.

My paintings are almost over and I dont have so much money to buy more. My existence is a stupid joke of universe.

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

やった!!! Expo done! WARNING Lot of photos

Hi hi ! Today we start our art show. Just placing the works and stuff. I make a lot of photos as promised. Of my works and other artist works too. I will make more photos on friday, wich is the opening event!



Daul kim tribute, her, and her texts...
This thing is me and this weird stuff my art
Working so hard, you see


This is Norman Sanchez work. Like Japanese inspired things (he said so...) Pretty big stuff, and some interesting thing as well!

This is my favourite work from my friend Esther who also expose.

She made an interesting project about 'secrets' She done like 6 illustration and then a little instalation (center) wich consist in a cage to put your own secrets inside. CUTE!
The cage


After hardwork... EAT SHIT

Tasty shit YES

Thanks for reading !