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jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Draw humans like anatotmical book humans.

I'm thinking about quit drawing and stuff for a while. I think I need to improve my skills. Like in anatomy and flowers and I don't know this kind of things. Is not like I want to draw photographically or something, because is pretty boring to me to do that. But I want to know more about shapes. Sometimes I want to draw something and I can't. So. I should practice for a while. I feel like painting again, you know, when I started studing art I feel really excited about painting, because I mostly make drawings. So, when I realize how shitty the teachers were I feel really depressed and I don't wanted to paint anymore. Somehow I feel, when I am in art faculty, I feel like they are so stupid. Because depend on he teacher one thing is wrong or not. So things aren't like this, you know. I have my projects subjet with a teacher who is like omg conceptual art yes. So it's ok if you draw or paint but you have to write a fucking bible according to what you did. I mean. Is ok for me to have a project but, I'm not that deep. Or, not that clever. To make this things. So, maybe I am not an artist. I prefer not be an artist cause, they are so fool. About everything, like trying to overwhelm people and do complex things anybody likes and anybody understands Is somehow sad.

Sorry I really sometimes need to write this kind of things. Now then I smile and keep drawing my non art stuff.

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