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domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Shiina Ringo ok cry ok moleskine ok bye

This is moleskine shit made in the tube or train etc. Edited with photoshop and stuff. I was listening to Shiina Ringo since 2 minutes ago. Watching the DVD. I like watching them alone in my room when it's all dark, cause I can imagine I am there next to Shiinasama. But. No I'm not. I cry sometimes when I listen her music cause some songs are really dramatic and all the dreamy jazzy instruments and her voice, and her expressions, the way she moves her body, is so beautiful. So I just cry of joy.

Spanish woman with traditional hat from cordoba.I imagine the meeting in the future. People from the planet of japanese, neosamurai, and then people from planet of spanish, neoflamenca hahahaha is love love.

Supein Supein.
We are all monsters from outspace.

I almost finished reading Demian by Herman Hesse. Is a really really good book. I love the way he explain deep things. Easy way. Not philosophical superclevermonkey way.

2 comentarios:

  1. Baby porque tuienes ESA mente tan Bonita haces k todo lo demás k véase haga mierdaaaa

    esas líneas sexys

    Hoy me compre un libro de murakami veremos que tal

    Me he pasado los días solitariamente como es la costumbre

  2. mako baby : 1 siempre me animas nee, quiero hacer musica contigo, como van esas liricas?