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lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010


Hi hi I'm working in my website finally. So I want to upload everything. Like photos and stuff. But they are not scanned. I find a lot of shit photos, I decided to paint on them. It looks nice. And its funny. I'm not sure about what kind of illustration I should put . I feel really unsecure about this. I feel like they are ugly. But, Maybe I don't care anymore about what I think.

Like this

I also bought a psp memory card. So happy! I want to play psx games so badly.

4 comentarios:

  1. tiaaaaaaaaaa por fin te haces de una web ;-; le alabare todos los dias
    yo arregle el layout al myspace de suicidenet, quedo un poco mejor, @_@ trate de hacer que funcionara el link de 'download' del nuevo disco y dice que no se pueden poner link VAYA MIERDA... :(

  2. waaaaaa sorry maria, only now i undestand how many post i haven't yet read! gomen gomen!!!
    i want to see your website up as soon as possible!! è_é

  3. @Mako
    fu yessssss acabo de ver el myspace!!! quedo bien bonito!! me tienes que pasar la cancion esa que habias escrito o no sé k ! :p quiero veeer fuuu


    Don't worry hahaha how is your japanese study going?? The other day I saw your redaction and it was like fufu super cool! ganbatte ne!
    It make me really happy both of you girls commenting me and stuff, :_)

  4. :) you're welcome!
    you and mako and swandildo are the only persons i feel related with me, my ideas, my feelings.

    my japanese studies are going well, but i feel very uncomfortable sometimes, cause i'm not good to speak fluently and i need to practice more but i haven't time. and i feel so weird when i try to speak with nihonjin.i'm a loser!