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martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Paint with fingers madness

I started painting today. Fruit head. I was drawing fruit head people since I started reading Yosano Akiko book. I don't know why. I thought: They Look at the flowers I eat the fruit. Her poems are beautiful. But my paining not : ( So since I didnt like what I painted. I started painting with fingersss messing all. I feel so free haha. but the paint looks messy and bad. I want HUGE canvas. Cause I hate painting in such small ones.

I made some drawing too. One of them for a facebook friend. I will upload it later or tomorrow. I'm scanning photos now. To make my website. I feel lazy, cause I have collage things to do. I hate collage. I just want to draw and paint and fuck univeristy forever. I wish they burn in hell forever.

bye bye

3 comentarios:

  1. ; - ; que cosa tan bella marie, deberias irte a vivir solita con tu perrita y tener un carto inmenso solo para pintar y fumar all day long babe

  2. i need to live with you and observe you for eternity!