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lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

やった!!! Expo done! WARNING Lot of photos

Hi hi ! Today we start our art show. Just placing the works and stuff. I make a lot of photos as promised. Of my works and other artist works too. I will make more photos on friday, wich is the opening event!



Daul kim tribute, her, and her texts...
This thing is me and this weird stuff my art
Working so hard, you see


This is Norman Sanchez work. Like Japanese inspired things (he said so...) Pretty big stuff, and some interesting thing as well!

This is my favourite work from my friend Esther who also expose.

She made an interesting project about 'secrets' She done like 6 illustration and then a little instalation (center) wich consist in a cage to put your own secrets inside. CUTE!
The cage


After hardwork... EAT SHIT

Tasty shit YES

Thanks for reading !

2 comentarios:

  1. que bonita la idea de esther ;-; con los secretos! sus dibujitos son tan monooos
    y no se digan los tuyos >__< porque no estoy ahiii
    quiero leer los textos que pusisteee

  2. hahaah los textos son solo traducciones de qlgunos de daul, te puedo pasar los jpg anyway ^^ igual me da verguenza porque mis traducciones son un poco cochambrosas XD

    un besito, ay ya pronto quiero verte por las europas :_)