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lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Hardestrogen crap

Ok I have to do this, I know is not related with my work and stuff. but but I need to puke it.
Since a week ago I'm feeling kinda depressed like crying around while listening to mogwai and IDM crap and My bloody valentine. I was checking photos of London from people who was still there and It makes me unhappy cause I have to be in Spain. I rather die than stay here more time. DIE. I can't stand it anymore. No interesting people around. Kinda shitty art places. Kinda shitty all. There are some things in this stupid city called Barcelona that I treasure for sure, but the bad things annoys me more than the nice things make me happy. If I If I . I don't even know If I be able to go to London this summer. I imagine myself working in the place I work every fucking summer and I see my suicide too. Can I do art, or comic, or friends, or orgy. Can I? It has to be in London, or at least not in Spain.

Please god of the internets save me.

I'm sorry. this thing is turning a way it were not supposed to be.

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