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jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Expo is coming

Sorry sorry for lazy updates! But I had to finish some school stupid works so, now I am freeee. Tomorrow I will scan some new shit : ) I been reading murakami like crazy this days... I just started Tokyo Blues and I love it a lot... I bought some Herman Hesse books, I already read Sidharta and Stepenwolf (sorry misspelling) and now I bought Demian and stepenwolf in spanish, cause I read it in catalan... I bought Nietzche book too, you know I really hate him, I don't know why but I just hate him so much, So in order to speak bad about something you have to know before right? So I'm gonna read his fucking shitty book!!!! DIEEEEEE. I prefer novels to philosophical shit cause I get tired about the way the philosophers write, like, I don't know, Im a genius I use super complicated words and stuff, go die fuckers hahaha.
I'm preparing things for the expo too... selecting works and stuff... I'm worried I don't like what I done... I feel unsecure... sorry for this shit....
I saw une femme est une femme (61) too. And Spawn on tv... hahaha so creppy I fell sleep... ahahah

7 comentarios:

  1. @Silvel
    Nop, I'm pretty normal person ._. Internet make us look weirder butbut I am average boring girl

  2. ayyyyyyyy quiero leer el de tokyo blues como una loca!!!! mi amigo que se fue a japon se lo leyo antes de irse y dijo que era lo mejor! ; - ; lo comprare pronnntoooo!
    has dibujado cosas tan hermosas ultimamentee!
    de hecho creo que mi mas grande influencia en estos meses eres tu merita : )

  3. @makoto

    Mariiiii ;____; pinche mierda puta podrida!!! hace mil que no te veo : ((( ya empezaste a trabajar??? Si quieres cuando regreses a europa te dejo el de murakami ^3^ quería comprar uno de Mishima también pero no estaba segura cual era el adecuado... Influencia? pero si tu eres mi musa babe :p

  4. :D happy to read good news!
    tokyo blues (noruwei no mori) is so beautiful and sad at the same tiiiime! i generally i don't like the murakami's writing style,but this book it's really precious! i recommend you mishima's confessions of a mask, truly and cruelly beautiful.

  5. catalan is shit XD habilita les galetes al teu ordinador. executa el programa. cancel·la