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viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Say hi to Daul Kim

Hi hi, I want to introduce her to yours, dear readers (I know most of you know who she was but ok)
She was a south korean model. So one day she commited suicide. I didn't even know who she was, so it was like I don't care. But then I read her blog. I mean 3 years of her life. All. So I feel like supersad for few days cause she looked like amazing person, she called herself 'DAULMONSTER' liked nice music, bizarre and gore and Bserie movies, and all this stuff. But all over this she write really nice things, sad but not crappy emobullshit. Just plain things. I don't know how to explain properly how amazed and at the same time deeply depressed I feel about it. It could be me.

looks deformed cause webcam

So I decided make a tribute to her at my expo. I translated eight texts of her to spanish, cause spaniards are fucking idiotic about english, maybe my english is bad but I assure you most of people don't know even to say hello. Sad. And now I'm trying to finish her portrait. I want to place her corner like this:

I'm the queen of MSpaint you see.

4 comentarios:

  1. yes yes yesss, ;-; porfavor documenta todoo PORFAPLIS!!!! que quiero verlo como si yo estuviera ahiii ha de verse tan bonito todooo
    ;-; fotos a los escritos y dibujos

  2. Do you know where I could fin some archive of iliketoforkmyself? Because they made it private and it sucks.

  3. @Makoto
    Siii sacare muchas foootosss aunque sea una cripi mierdaaaa hahaha wish you were here


    Yes, I have almost whole blog downloaded! Just... a second. I uploaded it at megaupload (one .rar file use winrar to unzip ^^)
    Enjoy it!
    Also you can search in google and enter using 'cache' This way you zoom the photos of her :(

  4. Toll! ;) Gracias! I had given up a long time ago -_-