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sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

自殺ネット(Net suicide) Denpa fantasy new vid

Hihi today was a hard day, so I made this video to relax, and now I have to go back to work on my project. Glitch lain!


I upload two videos on youtube of me working ^_^

4 comentarios:

  1. Exhibicionista.
    Dos vídeos de 10 segundos.
    Uno más y podrás codearte con las pornostars :D

  2. maria, i don't know how to tell you but believe me ;_; I FUCKIN LOVE 自殺ネットDenpa fantasy video!!! it's perfect<333333
    you're god! U_U
    and super cute kawaiii in the other videos!

  3. net suicide video is totally hypnotic! and lain’s special appearance was cool. XD
    hey, we kinda look like each other, which is a little creepy because I really like to watch videos of random people doing random things and I felt looking at myself in some moments.

  4. @Gato
    Sexy painter art anal buttie latin. OHAI.

    Thank u verymuch salopetta ;p hhaha I saw ur videos on youtube,so cuteeeeee Can I be ur musume or slave???


    Hahah thanks!! Awww look alike? I want to see photos of this!!