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domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009


Ok I made this shit while waiting for the train way back home. One day I recived a mail. It was sended by a girl of my faculty (arts yes fuck) So it says its an open time to send proposals to a person who was organising a expo on the faculty of philosophy (Barcelona) haha lol. So i'm not kind of confident about my work since they are jsut creppy draws and stuff but. I sended them cause it was like 1 a.m and I didn't care so much. SO WHAT.
They say: OK. So sososo I'm like 230423902 times excited. I know is just a shitty expo on a shitty place but for me is like fucking tate or something I'm so happy truly happy! haha
Now I have to work hard to finish some drawing yes yes I want to make something like eternity, space, internet, people floating in no background, god, lain, yoshitoshi abe, suehiro maruo, japangg, spaiiin, europeee all all all for me haha

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