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sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Say hi to Art History + PRINTZ

Uf... Yesterday I was like really angry and sad with myself cause I had a delay making a work for Art History and my teacher said I have to go to exam in september. I feel bad for her, and for me. But you know I think university should be kinda more flexible but It's true that I have no excuse. I did it bad. I really feel absorbed by some subjects and I don't care about others. For example I was so centred in my project, it took a lot of my time, So i forget about other things I had to do.

I really feel like I don't wanna be a student anymore. Next year is my last year but. It's been few years since I wanted to do my life outside school.

To print or not to print...

I always think about making prints. A lot of people do that and they have succeful selling. I like them cause they are more affordable than a paint or original. But I think: who the fuck gonna buy my crap. But, since my lack of money I think at least I should try. Some website makes prints for you and stuff. Cause I have no idea about printing. So... Maybe I will try to make some drawing and send them to this website, and hope they were accepted. A lot of self-promotion and weird people like me who likes weird art as I do.

2 comentarios:

  1. tia, pero es que la puta escuela siempre va a ser una pesadilla! te falta poco para salirrr ya veras, y luego desearas regresar a tus dias de universida cuando estes de amargada como yo T - T y hikikomori

    <3 animo !!! pateales el culo a todos

  2. @mako

    Hahahah no tia no quiero regresar más quiero que me toque la loteria y viajar por el mundo y dibujar por siempre ;_;