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jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Projector is here + Mori girl

Hi! My projector finally arrived! Image quality sucks a bit but I think is good enough for his purpose. Since it was so 'cheap' I couldn't ask for more.
I been thinking about school these days. And about life and stuff. So I decided I'm not gonna come back to Art History class. Because it makes me feel like shit. I will go to the exam and that's all.

Today i want to clean the house and I want to work hard later. I feel ok this way. Avoid thinking just work like the robot I am. Anyway I'm really happy these days I'm smiling like I was drugged, haha. Sunny days are best days, I love spring so much... When I became this bucolic?? oh god I want to be a mori girl mori girl! I hate Barcelona I want to drink vodka with bears.

*mori 森 is forest in japanese. Mori girl is a japanese fashion tendence about wearing cloths like if you were a pastor. It's cute.

(I will upload photos and drawing later) but now im gonna clean ^^

3 comentarios:

  1. me compré un vestidito de flores a lo mori...

  2. @mun
    ay!!! quiero verlo!!! *_* kawaii munsa !! a ver si quedamos para fer un cafe no? :p muas muas

  3. sip sip!! espero q la semana que viene tenga un hueco pa ti... :(
    tia menudo estrés con los estoy asustando pq nose si lo podré terminar todo ><

    Good luck for u!!!