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lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

{ WC TALK! }

Hi! Today I want to introduce you a project I was working on these days. It's not what I use to do, but I like it anyway. It's for a subject called 'Ephimeral Interventions' It's about instalation and performance. So I made instalation project.

*All my life reading the message on the fucking bathroom, and now when I'm decided I don't know what the hell to put.

Project talks about public-private space throught the paintings on bathroom. Public bathroom (I take the example of university's ones) Are a public space but at the same time a really private and intime space, where also you are a anonimous (Beause anyone can see you there) So people express theirselves there... Is kinda cool. Some people talks about politics, other talks about relationships or personal problems or other talks about sexuality or draw a penis. Don't care at all. So I was talking about that. I made a fake bath and some rules (really open ones) and I put some Posca markers in a silver tray. I'm really evil sometimes. hahaha

Hope you like it althought is not drawing or something

6 comentarios:

  1. i thought it was only here that people draw stuff on bathrooms. i think it's a little wrong, but in the end i like to read what people write while they pee or whatever. once at the university i read a huge discussion involving lesbians and christian girls about sucking dicks and having anal sex. but the most curious part was the fact there were also the ones who wrote to them, asking to stop arguing and be friends! XDDD

  2. @fdots
    hahahaha thanks 4 commenting! I think people paint in bathroom in all the world! Cause everybody feels so brave when is annonimous! There are a lot discurssions about sexuality in my faculty too! Mostly lesbian ones, is ok it's funny. I think is ok to 'decorate' bath haha cause it's interesting reading sentences, I like the fact some people reply saying something. Is a purfect commmunication enviroment!

  3. Para superar la depresión que me provoca tener un cuarto de baño sin mensajes, siempre tengo un libro sobre el "bidé"...
    Me gusta la idea, pero habrá que leer qué escribes... ¿O sólo transcribirás cosas que leas originalmente en los baños?
    ¿Has visto los de las estaciones de autobuses?

    es como estar en el internet sin estarlo XD
    que buen proyectooooooooooo neee
    deberian pintar con colores fosfo dentro de la taza y hacer un peque;o denpa XD

  5. @gato
    hahaha gracias por comentar! Bueno en realidad no voy a transcribir nada es solo un proyecto de instalacion haha si lo llevase a cabo en realidad sería otra gente la que escribiria u3u

    RAVE ON DA BATH hahaah gracias por comentar bonita I love u 4EVAH

  6. this is great!!! XD i hope some time in the near future markers will be provided to all public washrooms.

    have you seen this blog before?