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miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Netto Musume

Hello dear readers,

Just two days more and classes and exam period is over. So happy. This night I have to work hard as hell! Ganbarimasuyo! I want to show you the project I started working recently. It's side project from my band Jisatsu Netto. It's a musical project wich talks about 1) virtual ego and recycling uses of videogames 2) personal music trauma (hahaha I love to talk about myself you know my belly is the fucking center of universe) I made a mental map, so I wanted to show you, I made it like in a couple of hours so is kinda creepy, but I have to make a magazine with the final project stuff, so I haven't got so much time left to work on it. I wrote about videogames and art making . But it's in spanish, anyway if anyone is interested in this subject, can tell me about translate ^_^ But google translator is useful too...

read pdf here

creepy I know I know! but no time!!!!

This little pig is so tired, but I should come back to work!!

bye bye, thanks for reading!

2 comentarios:

  1. i love it!!! your pixel art is so cute. ; u ;

    sadly my 4 years of Spanish wasn't much help, so i'll definitely have to use a translator! really interested in this subject as well as Jisatsu Netto (love the name btw~)!! ahhh you're 2cool, Maria!!!
    good luck with all your projects! you can do it! \(*m*)>

  2. Los videojuegos son arte. Si no, Bioshock.
    A ver si te veo el pelo.
    Un abrazo.