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martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Money is evil

Hi dear readers.
I want to talk about the reason I'm not uploading any new material. I don't have any. Now I'm on my fucking summer job. I hate my boss. I want to cry many many times because she is sooo fucking annoying and looks at me with 'smelling shit face'. But what the hell I supose to do? I'm doing some subjects for online university as well. So as you can see I don't have any real time. I come home at 3am from work. My body hurts. I know my life is not very interesting matter. But I want you to know. 21 june I will finish summer university and then maybe I will have more time to draw and project, but I really don't know. I just wish that september comes soon.
Zo I hearz money is raik cancer

I was talking with one of my best friend. She studied design and illustration. We want to make something together... But I don't know. I'm worried I'm not that good. Or not have enough knowledge about design stuff. Life is very confusing.

2 comentarios:

  1. Llora, llora..., un trabajo hasta las 3 a.m..., qué vergüenza, qué floja...

    No importa que tu vida no sea interesante (mientras tus ilustraciones sí lo sean...), y no te preocupes, que lo que te falta de técnica y experiencia podrías suplirlo con algo de talento.

    Ánimo. Tu art appreciator.

  2. fuuuuuuu I'm working too, I can perfectly understand how you feel ;_; fukkin money