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miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

I'm sorry

Recently I feel so... Disconnected from the world. Of work, or art, or ambition. I feel tired. I can't lead a normal social life. And It's so damn hot that I can't even think.

I really would like... you know. Have the freedom, the money and the bravery. But I got only the laziness and mediocrity.

I should be more positive. But is hard. Because I'm too shy, too coward, too insecure about my skills. I need a shoulder to cry over all the time. I'm tired of myself. And I'm tired about complaining and doing nothing. I wanted this year to be special... To be able to work a lot and be happy. Can I? I'm not unhappy. But not happy either. Because I feel I'm not doing my best. I would like to wakeup and live. Live harder, dream higher, love deeper; I heard once. I need the strenght. And the chance.

I should start to think less and act more. This blog has became a desert of complains .I don't like this shit. I want to draw again, learn again, make friends again. If only god would borrow me some hope.

3 comentarios:

  1. yo me siento exactamente igual -_- mediocre así precisamente...

    a sadly procrastinator that's what I'm...

    I like your blog and drawings btw :]

    nice to meet you.

  2. @林檎ーЯ−
    Hello ^^ Thank you for commenting, are you spanish? :o

    Thank for your kind words towards my drawing ^^ I'm glad you like! Hope we both can endure this bad feelings ^^

    A hug!

  3. hahaha not I'm from México, ah! inglés haha la costumbre...

    yes yes hope we can endure it together ;_;

    hugs back! :DDDDDDD