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miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010


Hello dear readers,
Today I went to buy a new moleskine, because I just finished my old one ^^ I also bought some more shit... I couldn't resist hahaha I'm hopeless.

This days are happy and relaxed, because altough classes already started this week is just for subject introduction, showing program etc so I got a lot of free time!

Yesterday I made a deep cleaning at home... Maybe to kick away bad feelings, hahaha So now all is new and bright, I got new material and the will to do my best at work.

bye bye!!

4 comentarios:

  1. love the drawing I feel like I can only draw when I put shit away and it's all clean

  2. marie bonita ya quiero verte y robarte la moleskine T_T

  3. @gabby-chan
    Thanks for commenting gabbychan ^^ I think it's the first time , so nice to meet you, hope you come back another time ^3^
    And about shit sorrounding us, yes, it's annoying, I can't concentrate hahaha I feel so guilty of being bad at housework!

    Yo también quiero verte hermosa ;_; Ya mismito que estamos allí Sara y yo dándolo todo aun por un día... hagamos fotos y pasemoslo bien ^3^