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domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Gimme some hope, OH GOD!

Good night dear readers,

I was about going to sleep.
Blah, anyway. I been drawing and painting quite a lot this days ^^ But only little shits hahaha. I was trying to do something great to make my website. Yeah do you remember I said I was making a website like thousand years ago? You can see the disaster with legs I am. Truly amazed of myself.
I got many works (mostly illustration) But I don't know... I feel like I can do it way better ( I never spend so much time making a drawing so) This is my problem, too much perfection and lack of effort. Shame on me!

But at the end I want to take this seriously. I need a proper portafolio. I need to work. I can't be playing around so careless forever.

It would be nice to feature on a gallery or magazine, but I feel I'm way to shitty. I got many options but I think I'm not good enough, ah.

Why I distrust myself so hard. I want a break of myself.

4 comentarios:

  1. maria, i have your same problem. everytime i design my portfolio i think about my actually works don't rappresent me very well, i want always perfection and that my work satisfy me everytime i see them. most of the time i really hate my works!

    but in my opinion, i think you're works are amazing and you don't have to worry about them! you need to design a minimal website and put your works in it, cause the quality of your works speak for themself, so you don't need to have a super design! just make this website asap! can't wait to see all your works together!
    kiss you

  2. have you tried submitting some of your work to magazine contests? our professors are always encouraging us to send stuff to magazines like 3x3 and American Illustration when they have contests! sometimes they cost money, but there are a few that are for free! i think a few kids in my year got their work published, and with the quality of your work i really do think magazines would be willing to publish your work! just takes a little time~
    if anything self-promotion is always good! make a few zines or small art books and sell them at craft or art fairs!
    serious is always good~ but don't be too hard on yourself or else doing what you love might turn into a chore! just have to find the right balance to it~


    Thans for supporting me always Mery!!! I will try to do that... for my sake ^^ And yeah I love minimal design hahaha Am I wabisabi?

    I never tried doing that... Maybe I don' get so much confidence ^^U anyway I never find the chance either! Can I send work to american magazines? Since I'm from Spain?? º3º Anyway thanks for kind comments and help!!

  4. ahh sorry for such a late reply! i'm not sure about American Illustration magazine, but 3x3 definitely takes submissions from all over the world. i can't find the information on their website, but i think once a year they ask illustrators all over the world (students/graduates/etc under the age of 30?) to submit their work to be considered by the judges. i think there's a price for it though.. 50USD? something like that. i'm sorry i don't have more information about it! if i find out more about any international contests and other publishing opportunities i'll let you know! sometimes i wish the professors would give us more tips =____________=;;