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lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010


Dearrrr readers!

at first some pixel shit I made for a school project :D

did u miss my horizontal flipz?

Well today is my first day of class... of my last university year! To tell the truth, I have only few credits to go, so this year will be pretty calm ( I expect)
I just leave here some shit I was doing.

I do cook, too


I have some new drawing but I'm lazy to scan ^3^

Next week I will go to London yeah, to do what? NOTHING! just walk around meet some friends and drink and go shopping and that's all.

6 comentarios:

  1. vas a ver marisol en londres? que envidia ;0;

  2. @pitu
    ESO ESPERO! ^___^ hay que hacer una quedada del gossip kurabu!! XD

  3. my god marie, you're brilliant!!! i love your pixel babies are so cute forever!!! and your painting is amazing!! oil? i miss to paint with oil and turpentine ;_;

  4. @salopetta
    hehe thanks baby!! is acrylic and watercolour xD never tried oil...

  5. (ノ♥⊿♥)ノ glad to see some news!

  6. pixelband FTW. i love how they bob their heads ; u ; too cute! i can't decide which one is my favourite!!
    i will never be able to get over how adorable your painted noses are~