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jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010


Tomorrow is the day I have to show to my teacher the new version of book. And you know what? I dindn't finish it. I tried... seriously, I been 3 fucking days trying to make the fucking book. But my strengh is gone. I have other subject to do, you know. I feel I been fooled by the world. I just want to dissapear. I lost time, and money, and possibly my state grant so I don't know how the hell I'm gonna pay the fucking university and the bills and nihongo. I hate this shit.

6 comentarios:

  1. @Silvel

    hahaha yeees

  2. be strong! fight!! fight!!
    i believe in you!

  3. no te desanimes marie!!! mucha suerte para hoy!!! ya me contaras y iremos a beber lo que tu quieras!!! <3

  4. @missalopette
    Its ok, its ok. I accept my defeat ^^ But I'm pretty calm today. Let's see what teacher say, I want to approve it anyway in september,,,

    haihai T_T gracias bonita!! cómo lo llevas???

  5. pues, abandoné quimica xD ni para septiembre, paso de estresarme tanto.
    Y bueno, d llenguatges el profe me dijo que se dibujar :O pero que tengo que hacer más, y de lo otro, pues voy un poco lenta, pero si no llego a junio, septiembre me esperará ^^u
    gambatte marie!!!