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viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

The last chance

Hello dear readers, I got some fresh news!
I just came back from my project class. Teacher was like 0_0 when I told her about september. So ok, this sunday I'm gonna meet a friend who studied design and I want her to help me with magazine, YES! I'm gonna try again, this is the fucking last chance. I hope this time it will work... Well I don't loose anything anyway. Thank you so much for your support ^^ It helped me to take air and keep going on on my shitty artty stuff.

The girl of the photo is me. This is for another project. I have the pdf but it's in spanish so, next time I will translate the pdf into english and I will show you the project ^^

Take care ~ and spread the wicked spirit

4 comentarios:

  1. Mandame el PDF!!! Quiero verlo ;u;

  2. baby te he extra;ado mamasita <3
    :< quiero que pases esa puta asignatura de mierda que te ha traido tan mal ya! mis poderes iran hacia ti <3<3<3

  3. my fiancé always tells me to try whatever i wanna try, because that is the only way i may get what i want. i've always thought it was the simplest and greatest advice i could ever know... ;)

  4. chiquitibum a la bimbombá, María, María RARARA!!!!... Go pirates!.
    No te desanimes reyna, la psicología de TEACHER (jajajaja) es que intenta apretar mucho las tuercas para que salgan cosas buenas, yo vi el sense titol del año pasado y no era taaan bueno. Una amiga se presentó y te juro, desarrolló su proyecto entero en mayo.