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lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Hard times

Hello dear readers,
Sorry for not updating for a while. I've had hard times with school works and stuff. About mural painting, I did it, but in the end teacher said is not enought to put me an A. I made a fanzine with recopilation of drawing and since I'm bad with publication making, teacher said it was not enough as well. I have another opportunity this friday, and if its not ok I will have to go to september. I was kinda sad, cause I tried hard. But it's ok since she said the problem is not what, is 'how'. So possibly a nice week of deep indesign tutorial will be enought to pass the subject in september. I'm sad and a bit ashamed that I failed. But complaining is pointless, so I will continue doing my best because there are a lot of people around me who supports me. Thank you.

ugly me haha


Ah, class mate asked me if I was talking about bulimia ^_^ I wanted to kill she forever you know.

I also doing a nice project for another subject, I want to upload this when I will finish it! Is not about drawing but is funny! ^^

Bye bye, thank you for reading ma shits

7 comentarios:

  1. WHAAAT????? you're an amazing artist!! how could is possible that existe the possibility you'll have to go to september? no way!!! i don't understand your teacher -_-
    you're da best!
    don't be sad and ashamed, my dear paellachan ;_; we love you so much and we'll support you forever!
    the painting on the wall look so amazing!! good job my love!and you're so cute in that photo *_* wanna eat you!
    about the bulimiagirl..kill that bitch!

  2. @missalopette

    I'm so glad of your nice comment baby! It's ok now. I don't care anymore about this. I just want to try again and again. This is the way u grow I think ^^

    un abrazo

  3. I love how you draw and color noses!
    Btw take care :(

  4. ufff como que bulimia? BULIMA es lo ke le va a dar a la perra cuando se haya comido los 50 fetos que le voy a meter por el culo!!!

    ayy bonita dun be sad que la pasion y elarte lo traes en las venas, que triste que la maestra aun no lo sepa apreciar, da a entender que la pobre aun vive en los 50's.

    gambarimasuu i miss ya

  5. @swandildo
    Haihai! ^^ thanks! I'm brave iberian warrior so don't care! hahaha
    Sí tía bulimia, yo estaba flipando XD ya te contaré...
    Hahaha no creas, creo que a la profe le gustó el problema es que no soy capaz de encontrar una manera de mostrarlo a la hora de exponer, so... I'll keep trying ok.

    Un besou

  6. your work is great and people know it. if i were you, i would use the teacher’s exigencies as a complement, a prove that he/she is sure that you can be even better, that your potencial is big.

  7. Good Marie! I love it! me gusta mucho como te quedó, a ver si paso el jueves por la Kantor y lo miroooo
    y nah, la profe esa, bueno, ya sabemos como son... sigue como hasta ahora y seguro que te sale todo superperfect! <3