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martes, 4 de mayo de 2010


Hello! How are you?

I finished the last fucking drawing * ¬* finally! Teacher told me to make a collage with photoshop to see how it looks, so I wanna share with us. Friday I will go to talk with her, and if she is ok with that (I HOPE TO OR I WILL KILL MYSELF VIOLENTLY) I will do it for real next week! Yay I'm a happy monkey!

hero priz rabu me

Well, I also want to do two fanzine with all the drawing I made for this project. I want to make one for the nice ones, and other one for the punk things like sketch and mspaint evil photo manipulation haha I will upload the pdf when I finish them.

Other business, I want to introduce you this tumblr ( Sua made this to upload weird pixel/mspaint self portraits. I participe under the tag of p4ElL4 ^^ ENJOYY

4 comentarios:

  1. I like it Marie! ojalá te deje la mujer esa!!
    and this tumblr is so cool! ; )

  2. well, i think your teacher is gonna like it. ;)

  3. reallyreallyREALLY hope you got the OKAY because that would look really fuckin rad on the wall~ \(@m@)>
    if you do end up doing it, maybe send that piece of wall to me so i can have it for myself. :'3

  4. @mun
    gracias! ^^
    she said yes but... you will see in next post xD

    oh thanks!